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Industry Fire & Rescue Services

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Falck is one of the largest private providers of fire fighting and rescue services in the world. Falck has experience with fire fighting since the 1920’s, and is a leading company in public fire brigades, running fire brigades for the majority of Danish municipalities. We also provide industrial fire fighting for oil and gas companies, gas storage and distribution sector, automobile industry besides risk facilities like nuclear  ower plants and petrochemical sites in many parts of the world. In addition, we also have experience in airport fire fighting. Falck is therefore able to offer a comprehensive package of fire fighting operations and services.

Outsourcing your fire operations to Falck:
  • Transfer of the total reliability for the Fire Brigade operation to Falck.
  • Space for customer to devote to his core business activities.
  • Rise in level of quality of fire fighting services that are provided on client oriented basis.
  • Increase of Fire Brigade operation efficiency, strict control over the costs and investments.
  • Financing and acquisition of new investments provided by Falck.
  • Mutually agreed budgets for operations.
  • Employees become part of professional fire fighting company.

Operational Benefits:
  • All fire birgade units directed by professionals on the basis of principles of ‘best practice’ and ​international know-how.
  • Access to a modern fire fighting tactics and top fire fighting technologies.
  • International support for all fire brigade employees provided at nation-wide level.
  • Incorporation of all fire brigade units into fire fighting and rescue net within multinational fire fighting group
  • of company Falck.
  • Constant and motivated fire fighting team.
Mutually approved investment plan for purchase of mobile fire fighting technology:
  • Special fire fighting trucks and monitors.
  • Reliable container technology for transport of fire fighting media and appliances.
  • Other fire fighting technology with agreement of customer.
Mutually approved investment plan for purchase of the technical equipment:
  • Special working clothes protective tools for firemen.
  • Special fire couplings to increase the security of firemen.
  • Special high resistant hose lines, etc.
Value Added Proposition:
  • Services provided fully in accordance with the valid local legislation.
  • Internal regulations of customer fully respected.
  • Fire alarm station equipped and maintained at approved level of operational station.
  • Number of firemen and rescue personnel at working shift do not decrease under 100 %.
  • Exits for interventions in accordance with customer´s operational standards.
  • Firemen regularly trained according to training schedule of Falck group’s international standards.

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