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Emergency Medical Assistance

Emergency Medical Assistance is our Domestic assistance program that provides medical support to client and its employees. This service is a high edn service with specialised peopke from Medical, Network and operations who deliver center based medical assistance to anyone who is in emergency or need medical advice.

The scope pf the work include but is not limited to:

a)  24/7 emergency medical helpline to Falck’s Emergency Response Center based in Gurgaon:
Provision of a round the clock medical emergency helpline though a Toll Free number specially provided tot he client. The employees can call to the number anytime and an Assistance Coordinator witll assist him in any way on best effort basis.


b) Routine Medical Advise over the phone from a qualified doctor:

Patients or employees can call anytime to the toll free number and get medical advice from qualified doctors based on the information provided by the employee. The advice helps the employees in understadning his medical problem and take informed dicision about his illness. The doctors are specifically trained to handle such medical inputs and come to an advice which is Evidence based and is in the interest of the patient.


c) Ambulance Services

 Falck facilitates the activation of ambulance services through third party service provider/s on 24/7/365 basis across designated cities in India (service delivery on best effort basis). These services will be provided on best effort basis and Falck coordinates with the service providers for the dispatch of ambulance and keep the member informed about the same. We have our Network team who are specialised inhandling the Ambulance services and manage their activation and movement accordingly.


d) Hospital Referrals 

The Network team at the backend are in continuour process to update their large list of Network Hospitals and providers. Members/patients are informed about the referral hospital and the kind of services abvailable there across the designated cities in India for planned and emergency medical care. Falck helps in coordination of movement, Appointment scheduling, getting information about availability of Doctors and services as well as any other kind of assistance possibel through our alarm centre.

Emergency Medical Assistance is a vibrant product which is currently being offered and services to high end clients and we are happy to receive their commendation int he kind of service we are capable to provide.

For any further queries or to avail the service please mail us at or by clicking 

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