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Event Medical Support

We are one of the world's leading 24-hr Emergency Medical Services Company. Our mission is to prevent accidents and emergency situations. We rescue and assist people with quick medical intervention to ensure a smooth evacuation to the nearest medical facility. We customize 24-hr Emergency Medical Services for corporate clients to support their offsite events, meetings, sporting events, annual retreats, team building events, concerts, exhibitions etc. We will evaluate the medical risk and necessity and set up a special purpose medical centre, with a fully equipped ambulance, medical staff and equipment with 24-hr supervision for medical assistance for the entire duration of the event.

What services do we provide to such events?
• Onsite First Aid Station / Medical Centre Set-Up.
• Emergency Trained Physician.
• Emergency Trained Paramedic.
• Emergency and OTC - Drugs and Disposables.
• ALS/BLS Ambulances.
• 24/7 Emergency Response Centre Support.
• Prior tie up with Nearest Hospitals.

What resources do we mobilise?
• Deployment of accredited, professional staff.
• Management of emergencies and first response.
• Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP)
• Evacuation & transfer to the hospital.
Pre-event Activities?
• Medical Risk Assessment and event specific MERP.

What type of events do we cover?
• Sports Events
• Team Building Events
• Board Meetings
• Annual Retreats
• Sales Incentive Events
• Exhibitions & Conferences
• Any other Corporate Events

24 hour emergency support to events?
• Access to 24-hour standby emergency response centre.
• Coordination and management for all emergencies as per
the agreed protocols.
• Access to our national hospital network.
• Seamless admissions, medical monitoring & billing.

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