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Health Risk Assessments

Every project has challenges, and one of the challenge especially in high risk sectors and industries with hazardous industries is the Health risk. Understanding of health risks and the steps to be taken to mitigate those risks is a professional job which require experience in assessing such scenarios as well as methods to find out the solutions for it.

Falck has been working in the field to minimise the health risk from many years and have conducted many such Health Risk assessments.  We through pur experienced doctors and remote site experts visit both the potential site location and nearby medical providers to assess existing medical services and risks. Based on these assessments, we develop a proposal for on-site medical services that ensure optimal medical care for each client.

In carrying such assessments we cover following scope but is not limited to:

  • Review the existing medical capabilities at  the project site. The Falck Medical Advisor will review the available medical facilities, medical equipment, medical transport facilities, staff and factors that may affect medical response capabilities at the site.
  • Identify the quality of medical services in the immediate vicinity of the project site and provide the client with a capabilities assessment of the closest medical facilities to the project site.
  • Detail the endemic health hazards that will impact  employees/contractors working on the site;
  • Review the local Ambulance and other Medical Transport services
  • Evaluation of blood supply at the medical facilities at / near the project site
  • Local pharmaceutical / medical supply availability
  • Provide the Client  with an actionable list of key findings and recommendations to address any identified gaps in existing medical services and resources
Our Health Risk assessments reports are extensive documents that guide the industries and project managers to safely carry forward their project tasks with pre hand understanding of the heath risks involved. Such report makeit easy for them to quickly identify in what situations what kind of health hazards may be involved as well as what steps to be taken if any such health hazard do happen.

Such Health Risk Assessments forms the basis of the Medical Emergency Reponse Plan (MERP) also.

If you have any query in this regard or wish to conduct a Health Risk Assessment for your site location please refer your queries to or click here​

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