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Medical Equipments

Falck understand that for right medical emregncy response as well as accurate patient care we need to have proper and calibrated Medical equipments on board. Thus Falck has identified internationally acclaimed mediacl equioments and have include dit in its own inventory to provide them on rental basis to our clients.

These Medical Equipments are regularly calibrated and all our medical staff are properly trained in handling and using them to get proper tuning between human and electronic interface. 

Following are the medical equipment that we currently provide on rent for our clients:

  1. Automatic Loading Stretcher Spencer
  2. Head Immobilizer
  3. Wheel chair stretcher (Two wheels)
  4. Scoop Stretcher
  5. Vacuum Splint Kit
  6. SED/KED Extrication device
  7. Vacuum Mattress
  8. Spine Board with strap-system
  9. Electric Suction Pump
  10. Mouth to Mouth Respirator
  11. Manual Resuscitators for Adults
  12. Air Splints
  13. Patient Transfer Shee
  14. Syringe Infusion Pump
  15. Ventilator
  16. Defibrillator/Multiparameter/Monitor/Pacer/AED with SPO2 + NIBP+ ECG
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