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Onsite Medical Services

On Site Medical service is a specialised medical service provided at remote areas where there are no good medical care facility in reach nearby. We provide qualified and experienced medical staff including doctors, nurses and other supporting staff at the facility for round the clock medical support. Falck's Onsite Medical Services is the most sought medical service for better quality of service all across industries segments in India.

We provide Medical staffing to many multinational companies in wide range of segments including Oil and Gas industries, Automobile, Manufacturing, Mining, Hotel & Resorts, NGOs, Information Technology companies along with others. Apart from that our Medical Equipment on rent, Ambulance services, Top side Medical support, Trainings and other services create a comprehensive package for the industries in terms of providing medical support at the site including managing an Occupational health centre.

Flexibility is essential for providing staffing services. Our ability to fill a gap at very short notice to cover short-term or long-term temporary positions means that we can assist our customers efficiently and economically when they experience periods of bottleneck, illness or general staff shortages.

No matter if the place of work is a large hospital, a drilling rig, a village, an OHC, a Hotel or Resort, A construction site or even an Offshore position, the job for our Medical staff is always to use their professional and personal skills to care for the patients in the best possible way.

At Falck's Onsite Medical Service we make sure there is a good match between the client needs and our medical staff to ensure better cooperation at the site. Our Medical Staff works integrated to the client organisation to provide better quality as well as service.

Following are the services that are included in the OSMS:

  • Providing Doctors including General Physician, emergency Physicians, AFIH doctors as well as Specialists to the Remote facilities.
  • Providing well trained nurses or paramedics to support the doctors at the site medical facility.
  • Providing Medical Equipment on rent with regular calibration onsite.
  • Providing Medical Evacuation service through our specialised Ambulances (Both BLS & ALS) to nearest medical facility or tertiary care hospital.
  • Providing Topside support through our 24x7 Alarm centre in Gurgaon including Medical advises.
  • Providing financial coverage on behalf of the client in tertiary care hospital.
  • Providing Medical Monitoring of the patient if admitted in the tertiary care hospital with regular updates and recommendations.
  • Providing Pre-Employment and Annual health checks to the Employees and their fitness conclusion.
  • Providing a wide network of hospital in India as well as abroad for patient treatment and secondary evacuation.
  • Any other service from our wide range of services as agreed with the client.

Please mail all your queries regarding Onsite medical services to Send an Email​ or send email to

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