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Wellness Services

Falck understand that Companies  depends on the health and satisfaction of its employees. Employees are the fundamental agents who drive the business. Besides this an ethical environment requries companies to take care of its employees for benefit of all. Hence our Wellness and Occupational Health services are designed to fulfil the needs of cleints by providing a comprehensive wellness service which not just monitors the health of individual through its Occupational health check service but also delivers care which makes ensure that they remain healthy and energetic. Falck wellness services fills members with Rejuvination and increses the productivity of companies. 

Our experience has shown that Altenative medicine including Physiotherapy,  Ayurveda, Homeopathy andother forms of medicical care helps members in improving their health status. THe correct blend of Allopathic and alternative medicine has been fruitfull globally. Infact many international organisations are looking to invest in wellness services and on long term it has been economical and more productive.

We have combined different forms of medicines along wth other wellness services like Dietician, Nutritionist, panchkarma and Yoga to provide our clients the best of kind services at one place.

Following are the services that we currently tender to our clients:

Medical Health Checks (annual / periodical, pre-employment) 

Wellness program for women 

Reproductive Health

Alcohol and Tobacco cessation program 

Health awareness sessions (diabetes, hypertension, BP, Insomnia etc) 

Nutritionist and Dietician visits

Physiotherapist and Physical fitness program 

Employee personal consultation for health and wellness planning 

First aid trainings 

Behavior and mental health programs 

Ergonomic assessment and recommendations 

Weight management and lifestyle coaching

Alternative Medicines like Homeopathy, Ayurveda etc


 We provide customised package specific to the client needs. Please refer all your queries to or click here

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